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How To Clean Pool Liner Stains 

How to Clean Pool Liner Stains 

Do you want to know how to clean pool liner stains? Are you looking for some easy and effective ways for stain removal? There are different types of pool liner stains such as organic stains, chemical stains, and metal stains. Some stains are visible and others are a bit negligible. When the stain is severe, you will have to address it fast to remove it completely. In this article, we will know how to clean different types of pool liner stains. Before that, we will discuss different types of stains.

How to Clean Pool Liner Stains

Looking for a way on how to clean pool liner stains? Cleaning your pool’s liner will depend on what type of stain you’re dealing with. The stain may be from metal, chemicals or come organically. Read on to learn how to clean each type of stain. 

Metal Stains

The high level of the metals in the pool water causes metal stains. In that condition, you will have to maintain the water right pH level to act as the prevention. When the pH level will be high and low, the minerals can come out causing stains. Try this natural solution to prevent stains. Just maintain the pH level of your pool water. 

Chemical Stain

The granular pool chemicals can cause bleaching on the pool surface. Some chemicals that include pH down, pool shock, and chlorine tablets can cause fading the liner. This type of stain is not severe and will fade gradually. 

Organic Stain 

Organic stains can be caused by acorns, twigs, leaves, worms, dead animals, pollen, and bacteria. Your pool is absorbing all these organic materials every day.  These stains can be easily removed by cleaning. Regular cleaning will ensure a better result. This is why many resorts and major hotels clean their pools extremely regularly to keep the condition of the pool clean. Hence, when you’re staying at one of these places for a meeting or on vacation, be sure to keep an eye out for stains. 

How to Clean Vinyl Liner Stains 

You can get liner stains from all the sources mentioned above. The above information will help you to know the type of stains and then you decide the cleaning method. Also, all these types of stains can be removed easily when not severe. Here are some basic ways to get rid of all the above types of stains. 

Step One 

Clean the stain: Cleaning is the first thing that you need to do to clean the stains.  A clean filter and clean pool can be a good start to get rid of the stains. 

Step Two

Get the water chemistry: Once the cleaning is done, the next step is to balance the chemistry of the pool water. Make sure that the pH level, alkalinity, and the calcium level is proper. Any imbalance will lead to stains. 

Step Three 

Shock your pool: Once you are done with cleaning and balancing the water level, you can complete the process with a pool shock. You can use either diluted chlorine shock or non-chlorine shock for this purpose. 

Try all these safe and effective methods. Even if you do not get the desired benefit, you should never consider draining or washing to get rid of the stain. These methods will not help much.

Final Words

Now you know how to clean pool liner stains. As these methods are simple, you can try it without any professional help. However, when none of these are working and the stain is severe and old, it is better to take the help of professionals. They are familiar with these types of stains and they know how to remove them gently without damaging the material of your pool whether it be an older pool, newly remodeled or brand new. Even if you’re not cleaning a stain that’s at your actual home, be aware of these when you’re swimming in a pool at a resort or hotel to ensure that you’re enjoying a clean pool. At Desert Princess Golf Resort, you can be rest assured that you’re enjoying prime rooms, amenities, spa and golf course. 

how to clean pool liner stains

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